Liturgical Year Book (Kyrkoårets texter)

Kyrkoårets texter (Liturgical Year Book)
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The Liturgical (Church) Year - all three years - with devotions for all weeks of the year!

This book contains the Bible texts for all 77 Sundays and holidays of the Liturgical year – all gathered in one volume.

Each chapter begins with an overview of the theme and a devotional text. The suggested readings from the Old Testament, Epistles, Gospels, and a Psalm use the Bible texts from the Swedish Core Bible, our expanded translation.

The book has indexes to easily look up current holidays for the upcoming year. The book can be used for those who follow the rhythm of the Liturgical year, but it also serves as a standalone devotional book for every week of the year. Since each Sunday/holiday often contains ten different passages from the Bible, we recommend keeping the book on the kitchen table and reading one or two Bible passages daily.

In 2011, the website was released to assist churches in finding the current text for upcoming Sundays. This book is a printed version of the website, designed to be easy to use!

Read more about our Swedish Core Bible here. 

The Liturgical (Church) Year

This book includes a three-year Bible study plan that explores the most essential aspects of the Christian faith. It begins on First of Advent and ends on Feast of Christ the King. 

Each Sunday starts with the evening prayer at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday evening, and the texts are preached on Sunday, with the theme explored throughout the week until the following Saturday. 

For instance, during a Wednesday gathering, the texts from the previous Sunday are read and discussed. However, there are slightly different traditions – some priests / pastors introduce the upcoming Sunday’s theme already mid-week. One reason for this might be that the priest / pastor is already immersed in the sermon for the upcoming Sunday. 

There are a total of 77 Sundays and holidays in the Liturgical year. Across all cycles of the Liturgical year, the book includes 1,874 unique verses from the Old Testament and 3,152 verses from the New Testament. This means that if you follow the Liturgical year, you will read 8% of the Old Testament and 40% of the New Testament over three years. Additionally, every Sunday and holiday includes a passage from the Psalms, covering verses from 57 of the Bible’s 150 psalms. 

Despite the Liturgical year encompassing various Bible texts, there are ten books that are entirely omitted (2 Chronicles, Ezra, Obadiah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Haggai, Philemon, 2 John, 3 John, and Jude). The Core Bible does not include the apocryphal books, so instead of these texts from the 2003 Gospel book, the Old Testament texts from the earlier 1983 Gospel book are presented.


“I have been working on this book for the last twelve years.
My prayer is that this book will open up
the amazing Word of God!”

Jonas Bergsten


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